Pebble for Reporters

Whether you're a reporter/stringer/freelance writer, you can share your content with hundreds of publishers across the world. Pebble allows you complete control over pricing, exclusivity/non-exclusivity, duration of your content in the marketplace.

Pebble is designed as a democratic marketplace for reporters and publishers


How is Pebble different?

Learn how Pebble is solving content problems of Reporters

Simple to Use

Pebble has been built with inputs from reporters and editors. It has a simple interface that works on phone (with internet connections). You can submit in any language and any format

Higher earning potential

With hundreds of subscribers looking for unique stories, you have a higher potential. With Pebble's advanced recommendation, you will also know what type of content is doing well

Realtime Discovery

Your story becomes instantly available for buying to all leading publishers the moment you put it on Pebble. The system's robustness duly implies in its speed quotient

Complete freedom

We believe in complete freedom to the reporter. Hence, you decide everything (from pricing to exclusivity) about your story and see it travel far and wide


Get byline for your story from more publishers across the country. Build your reputation as a writer of national repute

Transparent Payment

Receive payments for stories used by subscribers directly in your account. No more follow ups to any office

Let your news & stories be discovered by publishers, faster

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?

Pebble is currently invitation only. You should receive an invitation from the editorial committee member of Pebble. If you want to be considered as a member for Pebble, please request an invitation here.

I have an exclusive story, what can I do?

The beauty of Pebble is that it works completely as per your needs. Just upload the details of the story and mark it as exclusive.

Can I upload in my language?

Yes you can. Not only any language, you can also upload any format (video, text, image or audio file)

Does Pebble accept foreign correspondents as well?

Certainly. However, you will need an invitation. Please click here to receive an invitation from the editorial committee member. Please note that an invitation is at the discretion of the committee members.